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Autism by Rebecca Evanson

Autism Research UK

from diagnosis to intervention

National Conference
11-12 May 2007, The Open University

This conference will bring together key researchers from across the UK who are currently
working on Autism Spectrum Disorders. The meeting will showcase the range of research
perspectives that are contributing to the understanding of Autism, and provide a forum for
the discussion and exchange of ideas within and across disciplines. The conference is of
relevance to all those with a professional or personal interest in the Autism Spectrum.

Session Themes

Diagnosis and assessment
Aetiology, epidemiology and genetics
Metabonomic, biochemical and physiological perspectives
Neurology, imaging and brain pathology
Psychological perspectives, language and communication
Education, management and early intervention

Keynote Speakers and Chairs

Ann le Couteur
Jean Golding
Patrick Bolton
Gordon Bell
Martin Bax
Payam Rezaie
Kate Plaisted
José Alcántara
Jill Boucher
Dermot Bowler
Rita Jordan
Anne O’Hare
Steve Swithenby
Ilona Roth
Gavin Malloch
Michelle Dodson
Jenny Longmore

Tony Charman
Anthony Bailey
Sabine Bahn
Declan Murphy
Christoph Schmitz
Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska
Emma Weisblatt
Peter Hobson
Ayla Humphrey
Jonathan Green
Patricia Howlin
Anthony Monaco
Peter Mitchell
Colwyn Trevarthen
John Williams
Richard Mills
Dame Stephanie Shirley


Medical Research Council, The Wellcome Trust, Autism Speaks
British Neuropathological Society, British Psychological Society, Autism Unravelled

Local Organisers

Ilona Roth and Payam Rezaie

Conference Administrators

Janet Vroone, Helen Copperwheat

Enquiries and Registration;

Hosted by the Department of Biological Sciences at the Open University

We are grateful to Dr. Rebecca Evanson for permission to use her painting
entitled ‘Autism’ (© 1999), and its extracts in association with this conference.

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Autism by Rebecca Evanson