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Creative Writing (A215)

Creative Writing: A Workbook with Readings

Praise for the course workbook

‘For anyone getting going as a writer and even for those who have already made a start, this is an invaluable guide, full of useful tips, mind-freeing exercises, and inspiring wisdom from established authors.’

Blake Morrison, poet, memoirist and critic

‘With so many angles covered and contributors’ insights included, this workbook avoids imparting systematised guidelines for writing creatively. A valuable source for dipping in and out of.’

Russell Celyn Jones, novelist and critic, based at
Birkbeck College, University of London

‘A creative writing book as good as this is a rare event. It works across genres; it works outside the academy in the world of real people; and it places reading in its right and honourable place, for no writer can be any good without also being a great reader. But the chief reason it works superbly is because it is written by writers. It is informed by their precise experience of the practice of writing, and that means imagination and practicality are given an equal value.’

David Morley, poet and critic,
Director of the Writing Programme, Warwick Universit

‘This is a wonderfully heterogeneous workbook: thoroughly researched, it addresses a wide range of genres and is written by expert practitioners. The book is rich in stimulus, technical analysis, practical strategies and ideas about the linguistic imagination that resonate throughout a generous range of writing samples. It’s a major contribution to the pedagogy of creative writing, an invaluable resource for anyone teaching or learning the craft.’

Graham Mort, poet and radio drama writer, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Creative Writing, Lancaster University

‘A contemporary no-nonsense approach to creative writing. The authors have distilled a mass of wisdom on the subject of writing, putting forward a workmanlike approach, demystifying the process.’

Monique Roffey, novelist and
co-director of the Arvon Foundation’scentre in Devon

‘This is an excellent companion to the creative process.’

Justin Hill, novelist and travel writer


Creative Writing workbook and reader