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Exploring philosophy (A222)

Image information and credits

Agora, Athens photo

Ancient Agora, Athens. Photo Andreas Trepte,


Elderly widow looks at a photo of her wedding day
Elderly widow looks at a photo of herself and her husband on their wedding day. Forrest Smyth/Alamy.
Flamingo by John James Audobon
Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), Aquatinta, The Birds of America by John James Audobon, 1827-1838. INTERFOTO/Alamy.
Old wallet stuffed with bills
Old wallet stuffed with bills. Dennis Hallinan/Alamy.
Water diviner using divining rods
Man using copper divining rods to trace water flow, England, UK. Peter Titmuss/ Alamy.
Neuron photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Described image
Mrs Pankhurst, arrested outside Buckingham Palace, London, 1914. The Print Collector/Alamy.