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Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds (A330)

Greek and Roman mythology

  • Why did the Roman emperor Nero want to dress up as Oedipus?
  • What has mythology got to do with Greek medicine?
  • What exactly do the creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer owe to the first-century CE Roman writer Ovid?

These just are some of many fascinating questions that will be explored in the Open University’s new third-level module on Greek and Roman mythology.

Your work on A330 will introduce you to myths in a wide range of formats, from drama and vase painting to sculpture and poetry. You will look in depth at the social and political functions of myth in the ancient world, and explore mythological themes and characters in the light of some cutting-edge secondary literature. Meanwhile, your work on myths in later cultural contexts will show how the stories of antiquity are constantly being re -made so they remain interesting and relevant in other times and places. Through the mesmerising prism of classical mythology, you will gain knowledge and critical skills that will enrich your future encounters with the past, while being encouraged to formulate your own fresh perspectives on stories that have captivated and challenged audiences for millenia.