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Troy: views & reviews

The film, the book and the story

Homer the film-maker: NOT a review of Troy by Mary Emerson

Why Homer still has the best pictures by Paula James

Who was Homer? The book of the film by Paula James

Gods and heroes in Troy by Mary Emerson

Priam and Achilles by Lorna Hardwick

The fallout of war by Mary Emerson

Troy: a reflection by Tony Keen

The place

Did/does Troy exist? by Chris Emlyn-Jones

The World of the Odyssey and the Iliad: a guide to finding your way around Homer's world by Jim Neville and Chris Wilson

A basic guide to archaeology by Tom Olding

Why Troy should have a sequel: the fascination with Odysseus

Oh husband where art thou? Odysseus and Penelope by Mary Emerson

Another perspective on Penelope by Paula James

Trojan horse image