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MA in Creative Writing

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Some writing exercises

To give you some idea of the level at which you will be working for this MA, here are four examples of writing exercises taken from each of the four genres covered: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and script. If you prefer, you can download these exercises as a PDF file.

You might like to try some of these activities now. All are taken from the opening chapters of each genre, and are designed to introduce some of the definitive elements in each case. Note that you will sometimes, though not always, be asked to share this work with other students, and to give and receive feedback on written work with your peers.

The online work will be moderated by an Associate Lecturer who will also give some group feedback from time to time, but will not comment on every piece of work. There will be detailed and specific comments from tutors on all your assessed work, the TMAs and final EMA (End-of-module assessment).

Remember that you won’t be working in all genres. Initially you will choose your primary genre, and in Block 2 of the first part of the MA (A802) you will choose a secondary genre. There are no constraints within this – you can choose any two genres during A802.