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A Creative Writing Handbook

The A363 handbook, A Creative Writing Handbook, has been co-published with A& C Black. Its innovative approach to developing voice and style has been widely praised and adopted in other universities.

‘I find the substance of these chapters fascinating and pitch-perfect. What is beguiling about the writing is the style – these are not academic propositions; they are translations from experience and practice. [The handbook] sets a strong benchmark for the study and practice of creative writing in higher education.’ – David Morley, poet, critic and Professor of Creative Writing at Warwick University.

One of the most refreshing elements of this book is its focus on using dramatic writing techniques to revise other genres. This attention to dramatic writing does not prevent the handbook from being of equal use to any writer whose main interest does not lie in that form. The broad scope of this handbook makes it a valuable and stimulating resource for creative writers.   (Writing in Education Issue 49 Autumn 2009)

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