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Commodities of Empire

Working Papers

ISSN 1756-0098
Series Editor: Dr Jonathan Curry-Machado (Institute of the Americas, University College London)

The Commodities of Empire Working Papers series provides a space in which both members of the Commodities of Empire project, and others whose research is related to the aims of this project, can publish their findings in a form that enables rapid dissemination in the public domain. We hope that this will help stimulate lively debate and discussion which will significantly contribute to the development of the project's research.

Working Paper No.21
Marc W Herold, ‘The Black Diamonds of Bahia (Carbonados) and the Building of Euro-America: A Half-century Supply Monopoly (1880s-1930s)’ (2013)
Full Paper (pdf, 881 kb)

Working Paper No.20
Jean Stubbs
, 'El Habano: The Global Luxury Smoke' (2012)
Full Paper (pdf, 278 kb)

Working Paper No.19
Bruce Mouser, Edwin Nuijten, Florent Okry and Paul Richards
, 'Commodity and Anti-commodity: Linked Histories of Slavery, Emancipation and Red and White Rice at Sierra Leone ' (2012)
Full Paper (pdf, 2,583 kb)

Working Paper No.18
Patrick Neveling, 'A periodisation of globalisation according to the Mauritian integration into the international sugar commodity chain (1825-2005)' (2012)
Full Paper (pdf, 315 kb)

Working Paper No.17
Teresita A. Levy, 'Tobacco growers and resistance to American Domination in Puerto Rico, 1899-1940' (2010)
Full Paper (pdf, 975 kb)

Working Paper No.16
Jonathan Curry-Machado, 'In cane's shadow: the impact of commodity plantations on local subsistence agriculture on Cuba's mid-nineteenth century sugar frontier' (2010)
Full Paper (pdf, 883 kb)

Working Paper No.15
Steve Cushion, 'Cuban Popular Resistance to the 1953 London Sugar Agreement' (2010)
Full Paper (pdf, 762 kb)

Working Paper No.14
William G. Clarence-Smith 'The Battle for Rubber in the Second World War: Cooperation and Resistance' (2009)
Full Paper (pdf, 824 kb)

Working Paper No.13
Alan Pryor 'Indian Pale Ale: an Icon of Empire' (2009)
Full Paper (pdf, 718 kb)

Working Paper No.12
Jelmer Vos 'Of stocks and barter: John Holt and the Kongo rubber trade, 1906-1910' (2009)
Full Paper (pdf, 1,166kb)

Working Paper No.11
Jonathan Robins 'The Black Man’s Crop’: Cotton, Imperialism and Public-Private Development in Britain’s African Colonies, 1900-1918' (2009)
Full Paper (pdf, 807kb)

Working Paper No.10
Kaori O’Connor 'Beyond ‘Exotic Groceries’: Tapioca-Cassava, a Hidden Commodity of Empire' (2009)
Full Paper (pdf, 1,294kb)

Working Paper No.9
Vibha Arora, 'Routing the Commodities of the Empire through Sikkim (1817-1906)' (2008)
Full Paper (pdf, 717kb)

Working Paper No.8
David Hyde, 'Global Coffee and Decolonisation in Kenya: overproduction, quotas, and rural restructuring' (2008)
Full Paper (pdf, 787kb)

Working Paper No.7
Deana Heath, 'Obscenity, Empire and Global Networks' (2008)
Full Paper (pdf, 335kb)

Working Paper No.6
Roberto Davini, 'A Global Commodity within a Rising Empire: The History of Bengali Raw Silk as Connective Interplay between the Company Bahadur, the Bengali Local Economy and Society, and the Universal Italian Model, c.1750 – c.1830' (2008)
Full Paper (pdf, 460 kb)

Working Paper No.5
Ayodeji Olukoju, 'The United Kingdom and the Political Economy of the Global Oil-Producing Nuts and Seeds during the 1930s' (2008)
Full Paper (pdf, 690 kb)

Working Paper No.4
Miguel Suárez Bosa, 'The role of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic coal route from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century: corporate strategies' (2008)
Full Paper (pdf, 774 kb)

Working Paper No.3
Jean Stubbs, 'Reinventing Mecca: Tobacco in the Dominican Republic, 1763-2007' (2007)
Full Paper (pdf, 545 kb)

Working Paper No.2
Jonathan Curry-Machado, 'Sub-imperial globalisation and the phoenix of empire: sugar, engineering and commerce in nineteenth-century Cuba' (2007)
Full Paper (pdf, 320 kb)

Working Paper No.1
Sandip Hazareesingh, 'Chasing commodities over the surface of the globe' (2007)
Full Paper (pdf, 399 kb)


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