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Getting ready for AA100

General course outline

The information below should help you to get some idea of the range and pace of what you will study on AA100.

The detailed planner on your module website includes full reference to any other study materials you might need to use in a given week, such as the Illustration Book, Audio CDs, DVD ROMs, DVD Videos, set books and online activities.

The assignment weeks have been left free of other work so you can concentrate on completing your assignment.

Note that in weeks 28-30 you will be able to choose four sections from the materials on The Seaside.

Study Week Book Chapter Assignment
 1 Study Companion Preparatory Week  
 2 Book 1: Reputations Cleopatra  
 3   Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus  
 4   Cézanne  
 5   Assignment Week Assignment 01
 6   Stalin  
 7   The Diva  
 8   The Dalai Lama  
 9 Book 2: Tradition and Dissent Plato on Tradition and Belief Assignment 02 (Reflective Activity)
10   Reading Poetry: The Faber Book of Beasts  
11   Tradition and Dissent in English Christianity  
12   Assignment Week Assignment 03
13   Pugin and the Revival of the Gothic Tradition  
14   Ireland: The Invention of Tradition  
15   Tradition and Dissent in Music: Dmitri Shostakovich  
16   Assignment Week Assignment 04
17 Book 3: Cultural Encounters The Art of Benin: Changing Relations between Europe and Africa I  
18   The Art of Benin: Changing Relations between Europe and Africa II  
19   Cultural Encounters and Cultural Exemptions  
20   Assignment Week
Moving Forwards
Assignment 05
21   Short Stories  
22   From Greece to the Middle East to Europe: the Transmission of Medical Knowledge  
23   Seamus Heaney’s The Burial at Thebes  
24   Assignment Week Assignment 06
25 Book 4: Place and Leisure Leisure and the Purpose of Life  
26   Sacred Space and Landscape  
27   Leisure in the Roman Villa Assignment 07 (Reflective Activity)




  The Seaside

In weeks 28-30 you will choose four sections from the following materials:

Victorian Seaside Music
Painting the Seaside
Dressing for the Beach
Technology and the Seaside: Blackpool and Benidorm
The Healthy Seaside
1960s and 70s ‘Beach’ Music
Bhaji on the Beach
30   Assignment Week ECA