The following documents are available for background material when considering the questions on the work sheet. A small image of the document, or the first page of a multi-page document, is displayed for reference purposes.

list of constables and headboroughs in the hamlet of Ratcliffe 1818
  1. Two pictures of watchmen: one outside his hut and the other walking the street.
  2. Report of the proceedings at eight police offices on Saturday 14th June 1828 (3 pages).
  3. The evidence of Sir Nathaniel Conant, Chief Magistrate at Bow Street, to the Select Committee, 26th April 1816 (12 pages).
  4. The evidence of Samuel Taunton, Bow Street Runner, to the Select Committee, 2nd May 1817 (3 pages).
  5. A map of the City of Westminster, c.1774, with a detail of the Strand area; courtesy of CWA.
  6. Liberty of the Rolls Minutes for 8th September 1824 (3 pages); courtesy of CWA.
  7. St Martin complaint book, 1824; courtesy of CWA.
  8. Minutes of a Special Meeting of the St Mary le Strand Watch Trustees, 16th January 1822; courtesy of CWA.
  9. St James’s Charge Book for the 24th and 25th August 1822; courtesy of CWA.
  10. Rolls Table of Beats for 1816; courtesy of CWA.
  11. St James’s Attendance Book for 1st October 1822; courtesy of CWA.
  12. Notice displayed in 1818 in the Hamlet of Ratcliffe listing the Constables and Headboroughs.
  13. The reward poster following the murder of Timothy and Celia Marr on 8th December 1811.
  14. The evidence of James Bartlett, watch house keeper, St Paul Covent Garden, to the Select Committee, 26th April 1816 (2 pages).
  15. The evidence of Thomas Goodwin, constable for St Giles Holborn, to the Select Committee, 29th April 1817 (2 pages).
  16. Prints of Sir Robert Peel, the first two commissioners Sir Charles Rowan and Richard Mayne, and the first receiver John Wray.
  17. Sign Manual for Richard Mayne's appointment as a Justice of the Peace, 7th July 1829 (3 pages).
  18. Letter from Peel to Rowan and Mayne, 20th July 1829 (7 pages).
  19. A letter from Peel to Wray, 10th July 1829.
  20. A handbill of Peel’s Police: Raw Lobsters, Blue Devils, dated 10th November 1830.
  21. Photographs of police officers in uniform with top hats: early uniform, 1829-64, Sydenham Police, c.1860, and an early peeler.
  22. A map of the Metropolitan Police District, 1837.

Note: CWA - City of Westminster Archives.

Some of the original documents have a tall and narrow aspect ratio making it difficult to fit them onto a single page for printing whilst retaining their legibilty. In such cases the page image of the document has been split into two to give a continuation page.

painting of Sir Robert Peel Sir Robert Peel