Transcripts: Introduction

The handwritten documents have been transcribed to facilitate understanding their content. It should be understood that in the context of this study course, the transcript does not set out to reproduce exactly the layout of the original document.

If the interpretation of the original material is uncertain, this is shown enclosed within brackets ([]). Any explanatory text is also indicated in this way. A question mark within brackets ([?]) indicates that the original text could not be read with any degree of certainty.

Where the original text has been omitted from the transcript, this is shown with the ellipsis within brackets ([...]).

It should be noted that in this period it was quite usual to write 'fs' where in modern spelling 'ss' would appear. The 'fs' also appears in printed material at this time. Also it was customary in documents longer than a single side to repeat the first word on the following side at the bottom right of the current side.


William Edward Pearce 1853-1883 William Edward Pearce 1853-1883