Occurrence Books

Page 110 from the Walham Green Occurrence Book

These contain reports of enquiries/observations made by the police whilst on patrol; incidents, in which a crime may, or may not, have been committed, attended by the police; attendance of person at a police station; or a person, who previously has been bailed, is notified not to attend a police station to answer his recognizance. One of them records a royal visit.

These books typically comprise 482 numbered pages with a tabbed index section at the front.

Some of the volumes contain memos and other loose papers; although these are not included in the index their images have been included. Generally these additional images will appear either before the index pages or at the end of the book. Where a note has been affixed to a page, that page has been scanned twice: first showing the note and second with the note 'lifted' to show the original page. An explanatory note will appear below the displayed image where this occurs.


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