Photographs of the Blitz in London are the property of the Metropolitan Police Authority and are included here with their kind permission. The authors are indebted to the help and assistance of the staff of the Metropolitan Police Service Historical Collection.

The photograph of Fred Fancourt with the ambulance is included by permission of his daughter Mrs Jenny van Slooten.

Fred Fancourt's account of the Birmingham blitz has been taken from an interview with Prof C. Emsley made in 1986 that was deposited in the Police Archives.

Documents relating to The Volunteer module are the personal property of Prof C. Emsley.

The two images of the articles in The Times are reproduced from the Times digital archive with their permission.

All other material has been deposited in the Open University Police Archive, the images of which are the property of the Open University.

This work was made possible by a Your Heritage Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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