Worksheet: Modern Echoes

Events from the past often reflect contemporary concerns. Two examples from the Central Conference of Chief Constables held on 16th September 1942 that can be used to generate class discussion are:

Should the police be armed? Remember that until very recently it was extremely rare for police officers anywhere in Britain to carry guns.

Agenda item 6 and subsequent discussion, minute item 13.

question of arming the police.

Should it be compulsory for everyone to be issued with, and to carry, ID cards?

Agenda item 12 and subsequent discussion, minute item 19 (left).

A child's identity card (right) was almost identical to that of an adult.

Discussion on identity cards. detail of a child's identity card from 1945

Refs: ACPO(ESX)/3/2/4/1 (Agenda) and ACPO(ESX)/3/2/4/2 (Minutes).

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