1872, 4 April: GO 237: Foot and Mouth outbreak.81

1872, 16 October: GO 245: Constables were no longer to be referred to as First Class, Second Class Constables, etc. but Constables receiving the First Rate of Pay and so on. (Note: Political Correctness creeping in!)82

1873, 13 February GO 256: Within this order the chief constable refers to the "Surrey County Constabulary".83

1875, 1 January: GO 268: Foot and Mouth outbreak and a number of officers are appointed animal inspectors.84

1876, 20 November: Central Criminal Court: John S, aged 35, found guilty of the murder of John Budgen of Lingfield on 8th August. ... more

1876: Central Criminal Court: Rosina Balchin (44), and Eliza Heather (76), unlawfully endeavouring to conceal the birth of a female child of the said Rosina Balchin. Balchin ... more

1878, 2 February: GO 285: A case of hydrophobia and concern across the county (Rabies).85

1878, 29 June: GO 290: Two constables received special promotion [to a higher pay grade constable] for their conduct in detecting criminal activity during the night.86

1878, 15 July: The Times: Murder: In a lime pit close to Farnham Obed Usher a pensioner of the Army Service Corps employed as a lime burner. He murdered his daughter aged twelve in a dispute over food and drink she had brought to him. He hit her with a ten pound hammer on the head. He then went into Farnham and where he saw a police constable and admitted to the murder. The girl was found unconscious but died in the Union Workhouse.

1878, 18 November: Central Criminal Court: Stephen Saunders aged twenty one and James Stevens also twenty one, feloniously setting fire to certain furze and fern growing upon land called Pirbright Common, the property of our Lady the Queen. ... more

Chertsey Division c. 1880

Chertsey Division about 1880

1880, 26 April: Central Criminal Court: James Stent aged thirty two, feloniously marrying Sophia Manners, wife being living. ... more

1880, 26 April: Henry King aged thirty one; Feloniously setting fire to certain growing furze and fern, on land belonging to His Grace the Duke of Northumberland. ... more

1880, 24 May: Algar aged seventeen, Henry Trench aged twenty and William Bishop aged eighteen, feloniously set fire to a stack of straw, the property of Ernest Alfred Hilder. ... more

1880, 24 May: Central Criminal Court: Henry Barnett aged twenty seven and John Barnett aged thirty four, robbery with violence on Henry Blake, and stealing from his person a pair of boots, a handkerchief, and a hat, his ... more

PC 63 William Tribe and his family outside his police house in Horley.

PC 63 William Tribe and family

PC 63 William Tribe and family outside his police house in Horley. He served 1873 – 1893. Note the County Police sign on the house, similar signs were in use into at least the 1970s.

1880, 18 October: Central Criminal Court: Henry Meredith aged thirty nine, Breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Joseph Kitching, and stealing four coats and ... more

1881: Murder of Frederick Gold in the Balcome Tunnel: The murder occurred on a train from London to Brighton. A man left the train with blood on his clothing and was stopped and searched. On being taken to his lodgings he ran off and later a portrait of the wanted man Mapleton was given to the press – the first occasion this was done. He was arrested and hanged on ... more

1881, 7 March: GO 309: More animal disease in the county.87

1881: Population of the county was 188,830.88

1881, 31 October: GO 309: The chief constable considers it desirable that constables should whenever practicable work in pairs at night.89

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Surrey Constabulary badge