PC 171 Albert Edwin Enticknap KPM

PC Albert Edwin Enticknap KPM

1944: PC Albert Edwin Enticknap awarded King's Police Medal for Gallantry tackled and overpowered an armed housebreaker who had pointed a revolver at him.132

Albert Edwin Enticknap was born in 1912, in Hascombe in Surrey. He joined the Surrey Constabulary on the 19th of May 1936. He was sworn in on the 29th of May 1936 at Guildford Magistrates Court and allocated collar number 171. His previous trade was a farm worker employed by his father at Crab Tree Farm in Dunsfold, Surrey.

PC Enticknap's record shows the following information under the heading Removals:

14th November 1936 moved from Woking to Horley.
28th March 1938 moved from Horley to Weybridge.
22nd February 1940 moved from Weybridge to Henshaw.
15th April 1940 moved from Henshaw to Weybridge beat, (But still lives at Rodney Road, Walton-on-Thames).
26th April 1941 moved from Weybridge to Walton-on-Thames.
9th January 1950 moved from Walton-on-Thames to Englefield Green.
17th February 1957 moved to own house.

The circumstances behind PC Enticknap being awarded the King's Police Medal for Gallantry: About 1.20 pm on the 14th of September 1944, a message was received at Walton Police Station that a man had broken into a house in Rydens Avenue. An inspector, a sergeant and two constables, one of whom was PC Enticknap, immediately went to the scene of the occurrence.

The inspector posted one constable at the back of the house and one at the front, the latter being joined by the sergeant. The inspector made two attempts to enter the house, but though he was able to get into rooms on the ground floor he found that the hall doors were locked. The man had already shown that he had a revolver and it seemed from the noise inside the house that he was barricading one of the upstairs rooms.

The inspector decided to go and get assistance from some soldiers who were nearby. Meanwhile the sergeant went to the front door where there was a broken pane of glass and called to the man to come downstairs. He did so, pointing his revolver at the sergeant. The officer dodged to the side and the man disappeared into one of the rooms at the back.

It was then that PC Enticknap, who was posted at the back of the house, saw him through a window. The man pointed his revolver at the constable and he moved aside. The next thing that happened was that the constable heard a window being opened at the other end of the house and saw the man running across the lawn.

PC Enticknap immediately gave chase, shouting to the other officers, who followed him. The man jumped into the garden of the adjoining house, continuing to run for about one hundred and fifty yards until he came to a hedge, where he stopped and turned round to face the constable, pointing his revolver at him. Without hesitation the constable closed with the man, who fell to the ground, dropping the revolver. By the time the other officers and the military had caught up, the thief was arrested.

PC Enticknap's service record shows that he was awarded the Kings Police medal, on the 18th of June 1945. He was awarded the Defence medal, on the 4th of February 1946. He was awarded his Police Long Service and Good Conduct medal, on the 1st of July 1959.

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132 Researched by Terry Coltman for Old and Bold.


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