Girl Cyclists killed 1935

1935, 9 August: The Scotsman: Girl cyclists attacked: Hampshire and Surrey police combined yesterday in a wide search following reports that four girl cyclists had been attacked within a comparatively small radius. In each case the motorist was said to have knocked the girl from her machine.

The first three attacks were said to have been made by a man in a car stolen from Aldershot. Later in this day the car was found abandoned on Ash Ranges. A further car was stolen. The first three attacks were made at Dogmersfield, Farnham; at Stratfieldsaye, and at Winchfield near Fleet. The fourth was reported from near Woking.

The woman attacked at Stratfieldsaye said the driver stopped after colliding with her cycle. He asked if she was hurt and when she bent to look at the damage he struck her in the face several times and drove away. At Dogmersfield the car stopped and reversed and collided with the girl and the driver attempted to push her in the car but she struggled and made off. The Winchfield girl received a fractured leg and other injuries when the man drove straight at her. The Woking girl was knocked from her bike and an hour later a man was arrested for attacking her.

1935, 31 August: The Times: Accused of Murder: man in car alleged to have run down cyclists. Evidence by Women: Arthur Mortimer a Lance Corporal in the 1st Battalion Welch Regiment appeared on remand at Aldershot magistrates Court charged with stealing cars, murder and grievous bodily harm on three women. It was alleged that he drove the stolen cars at women knocking them over. Mortimer had been arrested after a chase by police when the stolen car was stopped and Mortimer arrested in Guildford. The handbag of one of the victims was in the car as the key from a stolen car used in earlier offences and abandoned in Ash. A victim picked out Mortimer as her assailant.

In evidence Detective Sergeant E H Stone of Guildford Borough Police described the police pursuit of the other car. The driver of the police car attempted to block the road but Mortimer mounted the pavement and made off. A little further on a foot patrol officer jumped in front of the car and shouted for the driver to stop but he did not forcing the officer to jump out of the way. The car entered the Guildford by–pass being driven fast and recklessly with the police speedometer registering 65mph. On encountering traffic the driver mounted the pavement but collided with a car and came to a halt. Mortimer was remanded in custody for trial.

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