Merstham Tunnel Murder

1905, 24 September: Murder in Merstham Tunnel: At 10.45 pm Sunday 24 September, Permanent Way Inspector Peacock entered the tunnel and four hundred yards in found the body of a young woman. Initial police response was suicide but it was discovered that the mutilated body had fallen from a train. The body was removed to the Feathers Hotel to be examined and scratches and marks were found that may have been caused by a struggle.

The body was warm when discovered and so it was believed she had fallen off a southbound train within the last hour, possibly the 9.33 from Charing Cross which entered the tunnel at 1019. The body was identified the following day by her brother; she was Mary Sophia Money aged twenty two, identified within the hour by the laundry marks on her underclothes. Enquiries revealed that Mary had been seen with a man in the first class compartment. At Redhill the man was seen to leave but there was no Mary.

1905, 14 October: The Scotsman: The Tunnel Mystery: Superintendent Brice of the Surrey Constabulary who has control of the police investigation of the supposed murder of Miss Money in Merstham Tunnel paid a visit to London again yesterday. He saw Inspector Warren the head of the London and Brighton Railway Company's police and other officials after which he proceeded to the West End.

The police are continuing their enquiries in the full conviction that a murder has been committed. They are looking amongst others for Miss Lane formerly of Bridger's dairy. She was Miss Money's predecessor as bookkeeper at the establishment and it is thought she may be able to give some information as to the associates of the deceased girl.

With respect to the handkerchief marked "M" found recently on the railway line at Penge, it is pointed out that it was distinctly stated at the inquest that there was no initial whatsoever on the handkerchief carried by the deceased on the day of her death. Still the police are glad of the slightest clue and they have taken possession of the handkerchief on the off chance of it proving useful. The running of the experimental train through the tunnel was carried out by the Railway Company at the special request of the police and it answered its purpose. The funeral of Miss Money took place yesterday afternoon.

Reported Arrest: Today's Daily Telegraph has the following: "A rumour reached Clapham Junction late last night of a sensational arrest in connection with the tunnel murder, but in the absence of confirmation by the local police the name of the person taken into custody cannot be revealed. If the report be true, however, the arrest will put an unexpected complexion on the case. The individual who is stated to have been apprehended has been absent from home for several days before the tragedy. The police at Clapham Junction refused to either confirm or deny this report.

Over a hundred interviews and many carriages examined but nothing was found and no arrest ever made. However the brother of Mary was to become a murderer and may have been involved. In August 1912 he lured two women in his life, along with three children to a house in Eastbourne where he shot them all before shooting himself. In 1912 Superintendent James Brice of the Surrey Constabulary made public what had not been released early for fear of upsetting the family. "She gambled extensively. Her stock at the dairy shop in which she was an assistant was short, and she feared being found out". This police believed drove her to suicide.

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