The Disappearance of Winifred Parrant

1929, August 13: Missing girl: Disappearance of Winifred Parrant aged eighteen from Esher Division.

1931, 10 January: The Scotsman: Early yesterday a party of Surrey police officers some carrying spades set out on an extensive search of the vicinity of Virginia Water and of parts of Windsor Great Park for clues to the disappearance seventeen months ago of Winifred Parrant then aged eighteen. This was the sixth day of the search, which so far has produced two outstanding finds, a woman's hat and an attaché case.

The girl went missing on August 13 1929 and an extensive search was undertaken then without result. The search was re-activated following information from a soldier who had been stationed in the area. A conference was held in Guildford attended by Deputy Chief Constable Kenward and Inspector Head of Esher which resulted in a search of Clock Case Plantation. The deputy chief constable and Superintendent Gray of Chertsey and seven constables left Chertsey police station early in motor cars. The policemen were wearing workmen's clothes in order to avoid attracting attention.

1931, 12 January: The Scotsman: reports that the missing person was traced alive and well, married and living in London.

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