Armed Robbery of Brockham Post Office 1992

1992, 6 August: Armed Robbery: Strood Green, Brockham Post Office: Two men one armed with a sawn off shotgun and the other with a knife entered the shop and were challenged by police. During the struggle that followed one robber was shot by a member of the Firearms Support Team and a member of the public was hit in the ankle by a ricochet and an officer was stabbed. Four men were arrested.351

A/PS 117 Peter Moore

A/PS 117 Peter Moore

1992, 6 August: Police open fire at Brockham post office - first and only time this happened in the history of Surrey Constabulary. Brent Ashworth and Peter Moore in the shop when robbers came in and opened fire. Peter was stabbed and the robbers ran out. One was challenged by John Boyce who then opened fire. The bullet went through clothing and ricochet of the pavement hitting Dr Berg a local resident in the foot as he was standing by the bus stop. The robbers were immediately detained. Detective Supt. John Milner SIO.

Dave Cording: I was deployed to scene and the newly trained Operations inspector to coral the media as Pat Crossan who was SIO was having some difficulty, as was Julie Wilson, gripping the media who were in danger of walking all over the scene and ruining any potential forensic evidence.

A/PS117 Peter Moore awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct for his actions in August 1992 when he was stabbed while trying to stop an armed robbery in Brockham Post Office.

Ray Taylor: Brockham Post Office was a joint operation between The Regional Crime Squad based at Walton and Surrey Firearms Team not only were shots fired and a member of the public hit but Pete Moore from the Firearms Team got stabbed by one of the offenders. I handled part of this job and Frank Hemment and Ray Hussey were the operation commanders. I can assure you that the firing of shots were not the only problems we encountered.

Dick Crockford: I attended and remember that it was a very hot day. Ex-DC Bob Garland was there. Was Vince McFadden there? Anyway I was involved in the subsequent enquiries and Detective Sergeant Tony Hounsome was heavily involved.


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351 Annual Report 1992.


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