Old Lady strangled at Shalford 1979

1979, about: The Shalford murder: Bill Bethell: An old lady was found strangled in her house in Station Road, Shalford. Enquiries turned up a security guard who had been sat in his car in Station Road who had seen a yellow Reliant Robin pull up and a very big fat man with a knitted tea cosy hat on, go into the house.

Roy Stanford was driving to a briefing at Guildford when he passed the car with the suspect in it. He stopped the car, arrested Tysoe and took him to Godalming where he admitted the murder. He had been trying to buy the old lady's house. Ray Hussey was trying to get hold of Roy to berate him for not attending the briefing when he heard the defendant was in custody and had admitted it.

Simon Nelson: I was a PC stationed at Guildford at this time and on my late turn week was ordered to man the mobile incident caravan which had been parked at the end of Station Road at the edge of the common land in Shalford. The caravan had been towed to the site by Land-Rover and there was a small generator which supplied power for lighting and the kettle. It was set up inside as a small enquiry office with radios and I think a phone line which the Post Office had connected.

There was a rack on one wall which held various forms and some pads of Incident Report forms which we had to fill out with information given by members of the public. If it was significant information then we arranged for their statement to be taken there and then. Anything else was reviewed by the CID investigating the incident. I had a number of callers from passers by who were mainly worried about what had happened and they were given cups of tea and reassurance.

I also remember shortly after Tysoe being escorted through the tunnel from Guildford Police Station cells to the Magistrates Court for hearings when he was on remand. He looked very meek and mild and I wandered what would make someone commit such an evil act on a defenceless old lady.

I had heard through the grapevine that Tysoe had struck the lady about the head with an iron fire poker in the front room of her cottage and strangled her. Tysoe had a yellow Robin Reliant car which had been seized and was locked in one of the metal cages in the ground floor car park at Guildford Police Station and it was there for months gathering dust, a constant reminder of the incident.

The Victorian cottages at the end of Station Road have now been replaced with modern housing which is visible when approaching Shalford along Kings Road from the direction of Wonersh.

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