Murder of caroline Taylor 1992

1992, 15 July: Murder: A woman was stabbed to death at her home in South Holmwood and her son attacked. A man known to the family was charged with murder.350

Murder: South Holmwood Dorking: Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) Detective Superintendent John Milner: Widow Caroline Taylor aged fifty four, had met Gaeton Beissy aged fifty six whilst on holiday in France and he moved in with her at Holmwood. In July she was stabbed to death in her kitchen and Beissy ran off and was found in local woodland, drunk, by the police helicopter.

Two trials failed to establish his guilt and he was discharged. Beissy had alleged that the murder had been committed by Mark Taylor, the victim's son. The case was not re-investigated.

Tony Everson-Darragh: Gaeton Beissy was a commercial pilot who as mentioned formed a relationship with Caroline Taylor. They had some form or domestic whereby he allegedly killed her. I recall being assigned to custody to assist as gaoler. Beissy was being held in the cells, where Sergeant Ray Adams was custody officer.

I went down to check on him, opened the wicket and saw him lying on his side on his bed with his back to me and his arms folded into him. For some reason I wasn't happy, sixth sense I suppose and entered the cell, initially called to him and when no response came went to physically check him. Upon turning him over a lovely crimson arc of blood spurted up the wall. He has slashed his brachial arteries with the half reading glasses he was allowed to retain.

I and Ken Wheeler patched him up and got him off to hospital. I know there was an aerial picture taken of PC Bob Duck standing by the gates of the property drinking a mug of tea whilst, it appears ordering two junior officers to take a walk. Officers I recall having some involvement were Danny Curley, Bob Duck.

Tom Burrell: I was the first officer on scene with PC1535 Andy Jennings, following call to Police (about 6.30 am) from the son of the deceased, Mark Taylor. Upon arrival we were met by Mark at the large property "Tarismocks" and informed that Mrs Taylor was inside.

Looking through the kitchen window saw her lying on the floor and a large amount of blood on the walls and floor. PC Jennings checked the body for a pulse and assisted by the ambulance crew tried to resuscitate Mrs Taylor. A quick search was made of the property but the suspect had left prior to our arrival.

PC Glen Winstone was first dog handler on scene and I went with him tracking through a peat bog wearing shoes! Eventually track lost and returned to property, where the whole world and his brother had now turned up. Sussex helicopter arrived and landed in a field adjacent to the property and several officers had been in the field to liaise (look at) with the helicopter etc.

Eventually several dogs attended and it was decided to carry out a search for the suspect over towards Leith Hill. This was the good bit. Dog handler John Best was one of the handlers who decided to let his black Labrador have a trip to the toilet before searching with his Shepherd. He let the Labrador loose in the field where the helicopter had landed, but the dog ran to a bush in the corner of the field, but would not come back.

Eventually officers went to see what was distracting the dog and found Geaton Beissy under the bush semi conscious, with an empty whiskey bottle. If I remember right, I saw a detective inspector running across the field towards the bush? I think this murder was dubbed, some film name, by the press as the film was about a lady who met someone from Corsica. Mrs Taylor had met Gaeton Beissy who was a pilot from Corsica.

There were two trials before Gaeton Beissy was acquitted as there was an element of doubt as the son Mark had a bit of previous and this was played on at Crown Court. There was only Mark and Geaton in the house and no other witnesses and there had been arguments over Beissy coming on the scene and the family not getting along with him.

John Best: I was called out early in the morning with Denis Turner and I think Glenn Winstone. After searching for a while, it was decided to enlist the support of the Sussex helicopter and whilst waiting for its arrival I decided to give Harvey, (black Labrador explosive search dog), a run.

We hadn't gone far from the house when he ran along a lane. He suddenly stopped and stared into a field as if 'spooked' by something. When I reached the dog I saw what he was staring at the person we were looking for, Mr Beissy. As I approached him the helicopter landed in the same field. As I got nearer I saw he was apparently asleep having consumed a bottle of whisky. Also near this person was a very large knife, covered in blood not far from his hand.

We eventually woke him up and he was taken to hospital.

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350 Annual Report 1992.


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