Old man murdered

1984, about: Murder: Allan Hurlow: The body of seventy seven year old Mr Bullen was found in Burdenshott Road, near Jacobs Well, Guildford. Mr Bullen lived in Bryanstone Ave, off the Worplesdon Road, Guildford, and a mechanic called Pelham was getting Mr Bullen a van for which he had paid for. Mr Bullen went to Pelham's lock-up and demanded his money back when he heard that he was going on holiday.

Pelham struck the old man with a chain saw, put him in his van and dumped the body. He then flew abroad on holiday. Pelham's home was searched and I found blood stained trousers in the wash basket. He flew home having been requested by the SIO and was duly arrested. He got three years.

Peter May: The body of a Worplesdon resident (old man) was found in the undergrowth just off the Guildford to Woking end of Burdenshot Road. It later transpired that he had had an argument with a garage mechanic locally and had met his fate there in the workshops.

Various Police Support Units were sent to do searches of the Burdenshot Road area, bearing in mind that, at the time, there was a substantial gypsy camp at the lower end of the road near the Railway Bridge/Jolly Farmer Pub area.

My Woking team was assigned to search (destroy!) the roadside borders and common on either side of Burdenshott Road which they did with admirable energy only relaxing over a packed lunch on the green outside the Jolly Farmer pub which had something of a reputation as a meeting place for trysting couples – not to put too fine a point on it!

The lounging, lunching policemen were entertained by watching various cars pull up and the occupants casually meeting each other before going into the pub. The team soon learnt when and how loud to murmur "We know what your doing!"

Worplesdon PSU

This search team picture shows the Woking PSU and I can remember a few names: there's Dennis Fisher and Paul Donaghy next to me in the left of the back row and I can see Martin Breckell there too (2nd right back row) and sergeant Derek Willets.

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