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Open University Central Staff

Professor emeritus Clive Emsley (History)

Dr Paul Lawrence (History)

Dr Chris Williams (History)

Dr Rosalind Crone (History)


Research Associates

Dr Georgina Sinclair (History)

Dr John Carter Wood (History)


Current Visiting Fellows

Dr Simon Devereaux (University of Victoria, Canada)


The ICHCPJ often welcomes researchers on criminal justice history to the Centre, to use its facilities, to participate in its events and to benefit from its vibrant research culture.

For further information on how to apply for a Visiting Fellowship, follow this link.

For a list of past Visiting Fellows to the centre, see below.


Associate Members

Dr Stefania Bernini (St Anthonys, Oxford)
Professor Richard Bessel (York University)
Dr Ian Bridgeman (University of Luton)
Dr Francis Dodsworth (The Open University)
Dr Jonathan Dunnage (Swansea)
Dr Anja Johansen (Dundee University)
Dr Mary Kilcline Cody (Australian National University)
Dr Simon Kitson (University of Birmingham)
Dr Robert Morris (The Open University)
Dr Gerry Oram (University of Swansea)
Dr Jim Whitfield (The Open University)


Current Research Students

The Centre has a number of research students attached to it completing dissertations on a range of topics related to criminal justice history. The diverse interests of the members of the Centre mean that we can offer doctoral supervision in many areas to both full time and part time students. If you are interested in completing a research degree in this area, we would like to hear from you. For more information and contact details, follow this link.

'Popular representations of crime: a move from the here-and-now to the historical, 1867-1938'
Alice Smalley

'The employment and publicity of corporal and capital punishment in the civil and military communities of Britain, 1750-1969'
Terry Patton

'‘Crime, policing and social relations in urban England and Wales, with special reference to West Yorkshire, c.1860-1914’
David Churchill

'The Public History of the UK Criminal Justice System'
Laura Allan

'The Police and the City: "Public Safety" as part of the police organisation and police task (Lisbon, 1867-1910)'
Gonçalo Goncalves

'Newspaper Reporting and Robbery in Late 18th Century London'
Robert Hopps

'County police chief constables, 1857-1914'
Julie Leigh

'Crime, Criminality and Social Change in Scotland, 1800-1900'
Alison Brown

Former Research Students

Dr David Smale
'The Development of the New Police in the Scottish Borders, c.1840-1890' (PhD)

Dr Michael Hassett
'British Government Responses to Terrorism' (PhD)

Dr Janet Clark
'The Police, the Campaign for Civil Liberties and the Dynamics of Disorder in Inter-War Britain' (PhD)

Dr Maureen Scollan
'Parish Constables in Essex' (PhD)

Dr Fewtrell Clements
'The Development and Aims of the Denbighshire Constabulary in the Nineteenth Century' (PhD)

Dr Robert M Morris
'The Home Office and the Metropolitan Police 1829-1914' (PhD)

Dr Marcos Bretas
'You Can't! The Daily Exercise of Police Authority in Rio de Janeiro: 1907-1930' (PhD)

Dr Ian Bridgeman
'Policing Rural Ireland: a study of the origins, role and development of the Irish Constabulary in the nineteenth century' (PhD)

Mr Mervyn Dove
'The role of Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies in Central Scotland 1850-1914' (MLitt)

Dr John McGowen
'The Emergence of Modern Civil Police in Scotland: A Case Study of the Police and Systems of Police in Edinburghshire between 1800-1833' (PhD)

Dr Vivien Miller
'Murder punishment and the State Board of Pardon in Florida,1880-1910' (PhD)

Dr Paul Muskett
'Smuggling in the 18th century; social crime or entrepreneurial activity, some comparative aspects' (PhD)

Dr Gerry Oram
'Military Police Executions in the British Army during WW1' (PhD)

Dr Jenny Ward
'Origins and Development of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Science in England 1823-1946' (PhD)


Past Visiting Fellows

Dr Songtao Yang (School of law, Henan University, China)
Dr Quentin Deluermoz (Université Paris 13 Nord)
Mr Mikkel Jarle Christensen (University of Copenhagen)
Ms Mary Kilcline Cody (Australian National University)
Dr Graeme Dunstall, (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
Mr Kerry Wimshurst (Griffith University, Australia)
Damien Cassan, (Lille University, France)
Dr Kemi Rotimi, (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)
Prof. Mark Finnane, (Griffith University, Australia)
Dr Darren Palmer, (La Trobe University, Australia)
Dr Herbert Reinke, (Universität Wuppertal, Germany)
Dr Catherine Clémens-Denys, (University of Lille III, France)



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