Online Annexes

Online Annexes are used to link the printed text of the module material to the online environment. They are organized so as to complement the main sections or ‘Blocks’ of the module. The annexes differ in style and content for each block. In most cases they just contain advice about online sources. But they may also include bibliographies. Books mentioned in the bibliographies need not be bought; indeed they are not all required reading. They are provided just to inform students of some of the literature that is available for each topic. Bibliographies are given online so that they can be regularly updated.

N.B. There are no Online Annexes for the Dissertation Module (A877), but students of this module have access to the Online Annexes for A870 and A871.

Internet and Computing Handbook   A870 Block 1: Introduction            

N.B. A870 Block 7, the Revision block, has no Online Annexe.

A871 Block 1: Introduction        

Each Online Annexe is a bridge between the written material and the online facilities. The annexes contain links to the sites that are most directly relevant to each block; some Online Annexes may also carry information about recently published books, CDs and other topical material.

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