Welcome to the Postgraduate Music Demo Website

This demo site was developed by the MA in Music course team in the Music Department of the Open University. It is designed to illustrate the content and organization of the online facilities available to students on the taught postgraduate music programme and to our music research degree students.

The taught postgraduate music programme comprises three modules:

The Postgraduate Foundation Module in Music (A870), which leads to the Postgraduate Certificate in Music

Performances and Repertories (A871) which, together with A870, leads to the Postgraduate Diploma in Music

The Music Dissertation Module (A877) which, together with A870 and A871, leads to the MA in Music

To explore this demo site and find out how each of the facilities works, click on an item in the list on the left of this screen. This demo site should be taken only as an indication of the content of the live version. Many of the links in this demo site are not active, as our licences allow us to show some material only to registered students.

Boxed blocks of text such as this are given at several points in this demo site. These explanations, together with the live links that are included, will provide a good sense of how the live site works.

Wider information about the University, the services it offers and the people who work there can be accessed through the Open University Home Page. This page also carries information about the University’s regional centres.

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