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Carolyn Price

MA (Oxon), BPhil (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)
Senior Lecturer

Carolyn Price joined the department in February 2000, having spent eight years as a Lecturer and Tutor at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. Her research interests lie in the Philosophy of Mind: she is particularly interested in questions about meaning, rationality and emotion, and the connections between them. In 2001, she published Functions in Mind (Oxford University Press) in which she set out a teleosemantic theory of content. Since then, she has moved on to work on two further issues: the source and nature of rational norms; and the nature and value of emotions and moods. She has recently published papers on grief and on love – two emotions that, for different reasons, have often been regarded as essentially irrational.  She is currently working on a book about emotion to be published by Polity Press. 

Carolyn’s interest in emotion crosses over into ethics:  she co-organised a conference on Death: What it is and Why It Matters, which took place at the University of York in 2008. She is also Director of the Department’s Mind Meaning and Rationality Group. She co-organised the group’s inaugural conference in 2004, and joined Keith Frankish in organising the conference In Two Minds: Dual Process of Reasoning and Rationality, which took place in Cambridge in July 2006. From 2008-2010, she ran a series of seminars on practical reasons. She is currently helping to develop a new interdisciplinary project on localising emotions  with Dr Christian Bailey in the Open University’s History Department.

Carolyn has contributed material to a number of modules. Recently, she contributed some audio material on philosophy of mind to A222 Exploring philosophy; she wrote an essay on Seneca for A219 Exploring the classical world. She was a member of the module team which produced AA308 Thought and experience: themes in the philosophy of mind, for which she wrote a book on emotion. She was closely involved in the production of AA100 The arts past and present: she was academic editor for Book 2 Tradition and dissent and contributed a chapter on Plato’s Laches, as well as some material on Epicurus and Aristotle for a chapter on the philosophy of leisure. She is still a member of the module team and enjoys meeting AA100 students at day schools and through national seminar forums. She is currently chairing the production team for a new third level module in Philosophy, and is busy writing some material about rational thought and belief  for one of the module books.





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