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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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How to Contribute

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UK RED actively seeks contributions from anyone who has found evidence of reading in period 1450-1945. It is only through the contributions of as many people as possible that we can attempt to uncover patterns of reading in the past. We especially welcome contributions of material contained in private collections.

UK RED necessarily has a tight definition of what we mean by reading experience. For our purpose, a 'reading experience' means a recorded engagement with a written or printed text beyond the mere fact of possession. For more information, and examples, please view our notes page.

If you would like to contribute to UK RED, please complete the Contribute Form. Given the nature of historical evidence, we do not expect you will be able to complete every field. However, in order to validate an entry, we do need the following information: your name and contact details (section 1.1), a description of the evidence that contains the reading experience (section 1.2) and the source where you found the reading experience (section 1.3).

As we try to capture as much contextual information about reading experiences as possible, the form is long. But even for exceptionally detailed evidence, it should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. Please also take time to review your entry before you finally submit it to the database. If you are entering several reading experiences from the same source, use the 'duplicate form' option after you submit your first entry to avoid double entering data.

When you have submitted an entry to the database, you should receive an email acknowledging your contribution. If you have any queries about your contribution, or wish to draw our attention to any mistakes, please email the database editors, including the record id number in the text of your email.

To assist you in completing the form, we have compiled some detailed notes. Relevant sections of these notes can also be accessed using the ‘notes’ button next to fields in the form. Sample completed forms are also available to download.

We have a large community of regular contributors to UK RED. These volunteers enter material from their own family archives, entries related to their own research projects or interests, and evidence from lists of known sources that have not yet been harvested for UK RED. If you are interested in contributing to this project on a more regular basis, or in learning more about the contribution process generally, please look at our Contributing section.


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