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Server room

The server room is not bookable and is shared by Computing and IET.

High performance Computing

A powerful investment

The Jennie Lee building houses a state of the art computer server room.  Our high performance Computing cluster (HPC codename IMPACT) provides multi-intensive tasks related to research projects across the faculty and the University.

The HPC facility is managed jointly by MCT and the Physics area of the Science faculty. The advanced 'Hubbell' rack system allows clear and efficient airflow, and allows the use of low power-consumption 75 Watt AMD processors in the new units which substantially reduces the carbon footprint of high-performance computing.  The room houses some 144 terabytes of online storage with fibre-optic connections. The MCT Infrastructure manager responsible for the building, configuration and maintenance of the HPC is Allan Thrower of the Mathematics, Computing and Technology Faculty in partnership with Geoff Bradshaw in the Physics Department of the Science Faculty.

The room is used by the Institute of Educational Technology for departmental servers and the lab servers (head end servers for data capture and streaming - equipment includes 5TB network with attached storage for streaming and storing lab media).

The room also houses the MCT Faculty's Lab, Departmental, storage and application servers.

IMPACTful research

The room is the focus for 720 clustered processors which will be used for projects as diverse as:

  • Computation of orbital paths of the moons of Jupiter
  • Determination of all 9,530 orientable embeddings of Steiner Triple systems
  • Determination of the McCabe Cyclomatic number for functions, methods and classes
  • Latent Semantic Analysis
  • Research in Statiscal Epidemiology
  • The simulations of accretion flows in magnetic interacting binary stars.

You can find out more about the latest activities being undertaken by the IMPACT cluster at

In the Press

The Server room featured in an edition of BBC2's 'Newsnight' programme in August 2010 when it was used as the backdrop to a segment about the Global Warming issue.


The workflow and allocation of processor time through the cluster is managed via a SUN Grid engine and the room is equipped with the latest fault tolerant power, air handling and fire suppression systems.


For all server room enquiries please contact Allan Thrower on x53570 or +44 (0) 1908 653570