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Ambient Technology laboratory

7.6 x 16 Metres
Purpose – mock-up scenarios of ambient learning (library, museum, classroom) (up to 50 participants), research presentations, research user scenario experiments and testing, research trials (with view port to the observation room)

  • This lab has 8 dome cameras plus we can provide up to 3 floor standing cameras
  • It also has a number of data projectors allowing for large groups to watch video or presentations
  • Also installed is a 5.1 Surround Sound audio system, and presenter’s wireless microphone
  • The room has 10 microphones so any person speaking in any part of the room is clearly recorded. This audio feed is also fed back into the room for connecting to computers for pod or web casting.
  • The lab has tall display screens which can be set up to partition the space in different configurations, such as a maze or a series of smaller 'rooms'