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Santandar Cycles MK Relaunch

I'm pleased to announce that our new scheme is now live, and our upgraded fleet of new bikes and docking stations are available to use around Milton Keynes!

Here's some important information about our new scheme that we've shared with customers:

  • We've moved some docking stations and added new stations - check out the new map here. We'll also be adding additional stations and bikes over the next couple of months.
  • We're replacing our existing app with the nextbike app to make things more convenient. For example, you can now rent by simply scanning the bike code on your phone. Don't worry, your login details will stay the same, but you’ll need to download the nextbike app to continue using the scheme (iOS users click here; Android users click here) - Stay tuned for upcoming updates to keep improving the user experience.
  • Enjoy a £3 voucher on us to try out the new equipment! Redeeming vouchers is easy on the nextbike app: Click on "Account settings" in the main menu, select "Redeem voucher" and enter the code 745674 to redeem!

The new rental process is easier but slightly different:

  • REGISTER: Register via app, website or hotline or simply click here. By joining, you'll also be able to rent bikes in every nextbike city worldwide.
  • RENT: Rent via app, hotline or customer card. Open the nextbike app and scan the QR code on the bike or enter the bike number. The lock will be released and your rental will begin.
  • PARK: To park the bike temporarily, open the nextbike app and press 'Park'. Then press down the frame lock lever. A beep will confirm that the bike is locked. To continue the ride, press ‘Open Lock‘ on the app to reopen the frame lock. Note: Your rental is still running in park mode.
  • RETURN: Push the bike into a dock at an official station. Lock it by pressing down the lever on the frame lock at the rear of the bike. A beep will confirm the successful return and end of your rental. If there are no docks available when arriving at a station, place the bike directly next to the station and then press down the frame lock lever. A beep will confirm the successful return and end of your rental.
  • Note: To correctly return a bike you must return it to an official station. Returning your bike away from an official station will result in an additional service fee. 
  • Note: After renting more than 24 hours, we will need to charge you for the whole next day. nextbike reserves the right to charge up to £200 for vandalised bikes.

If you have any account / customer questions, you can contact our customer service team at or 02081669851. If you have any questions regarding station installations or memberships for organisations, you can contact Sam Coldham -

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