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Buses to and from Milton Keynes Railway Station

Image of Shuttle bus

OU to Train Station Shuttle Bus

Please note that this service is now run commerically by Souls Coaches (effective September 2015).  Any service issues should be reported to Souls directly (

In addition to the public bus services to Milton Keynes Central Station, Souls Coaches operates a peak hour station shuttle bus. The shuttle service runs directly to the station (15 minutes) and costs £1.00 each way. Pick up/drop off points will be the south side of St Michael's Drive (library side) on campus and bus stop Y5 at the station.  The fare for this service is £1 each journey.

Depart Station Arrives OU Depart OU Arrives Station
08:50 09:05 09:05 09:20
09:35 09:50 09:50 10:05
10:15 10:30 16:30 16:45
16:45 17:00 17:10 17:25
17:30 17:50 17:50 18:00