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Car Share

Car Sharing

The University runs a scheme for people who want to share lifts coming to Walton Hall. You can then split your fuel costs as well as cut your carbon footprint. For these users we provide specially designated spaces for car sharers.

Users should follow Government guidelines on the sharing of cars and the 2 m distancing rules which are being applied.

Each car sharer is issued a Car Share Permit and the special parking spaces can only be used by cars displaying two permits, to show that the passenger(s) and driver have shared their journey to work.  Please note that you will only be issued with a pink car share permit once you have registered and grouped yourself on the car share database.

To register for car sharing use the Online Database.

Click here for FAQs.

Car Parking Regulations for Car Share Members

  • At least two permits will need to be displayed in the windscreen by cars parked in the car share bays.
  • The permits are not transferable.
  • Car share members not matched will not be able to use the bays.
  • Parking in a car share bay displaying only one permit is not permitted
  • Copying of car share permits is not permitted
  • Car sharers may only use the bays when they have shared their journey to work so if your car share partner is off sick, leave or absent then you will not be able to use the bay.


Car Share Permits

Image of car share permits

The Car Share Permits are sent together with a self-adhesive clear plastic wallet that holds two permits, to be affixed to your windscreen preferably above where your old Road Fund Licence (Tax Disc) was displayed.

Car Share Parking Bays

Image of  car sharing parking bays

Our designated car share bays are depicted with a red line and 'S'. There are 78 bays across Main Campus and East Campus.  72 spaces are on Main Campus and 6 spaces on East Campus. Only car sharers may use these bays. Non car sharers parking in the bays will be deemed to have breached the regulations and as such may be ticketed.

To find where the car share parking bays are located around Campus see the map.

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