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Electric Vehicles

Image of electrci vehicle

Electric Vehicle charging facilities

The University has ten twin 7KW Chargemaster electric vehicle charging posts available for staff.  

These are located in the following areas:-

  • Outside Geoffrey Crowther building off North Lane.
  • Near the cricket ground
  • In the Library car park
  • On ring road West
  • Outside Robert Hooke building in the Inner East Parking area
  • Church car park
  • South West car park (three posts)
  • East Campus outside Philip Sully

Any members of staff wishing to use the electric vehicle charging facilities will need to join the Electric Vehicle Membership Scheme by completing the application form.  Any visitors wishing to use the visitor charging facilities, you will need to have access to a charging card and cable and contact Berill-Reception to book a slot.

EV Charging bays

The electric charging bays are denoted with a green ‘E’ and signage.  Near most of the charging posts there are additional bays next to each charging post where users may park their vehicles whilst waiting for the post to become available for charging. They are not available for general parking. 

Once your electric vehicle has charged you will need to move it to a normal car parking in order to avoid the imposition of a fixed parking charge notice.   Any staff who use them for general parking will be in breach of the University car parking regulations and risk the imposition of a fixed parking charge notice. 

For further information you may like to review the links on the OU intranet (staff only) for the full car parking regulations or additional information for parking and security

For any enquiries about the Electric Vehicle charging facilities contact travel-advice.

For any enquiries about the University car parking regulations please contact security.

Map of Charging Points