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Liz Marr



Dr Liz Marr has over thirty years’ experience in UK higher education – in teaching, student support and partnership work. She is co-author (with Rachel Forsyth) of ‘Identity Crisis: Teaching in Higher Education in the 21st Century’, published by Trentham in February 2011, managing editor of the international journal ‘Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning’ and a member of the Editorial Board of Learning and Teaching in the International Social Sciences (LATISS) Her areas of research interest include widening access and social inclusion, especially through vocational progression to higher level learning, alternative and flexible routes into higher education and higher education management.
Liz has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and smooth running of the Centre
Principal Publications:
Marr, L. Curry, G and Rose-Adams, J.  (2013, forthcoming) Autonomy, legitimacy and confidence: using mainstream curriculum to successfully widen participation in Murray, N & Klinger, CM (eds), Aspirations, Access and Attainment: International perspectives on Widening Participation and an Agenda for Change, Oxon, UK: Routledge
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Conference Papers
Marr, L. (2013) Reaching out through partnership: how can validationpartnerships contribute to social justice? Keynote address at Changing Times, Changing Worlds, Open University Annual Partner conference, Milton Keynes, April 2013.
Marr, L. (2013) Quality Assurance, TNE and the Open University:
Challenges and Benefits for Partners. British Council TNE Policy Dialogue, Athens, March 2013.
Marr, L. and Harvey, M. (2012 ) Whose University is it anyway? lifelong learning in an economic recession at Access to Higher Education: is it a right, a privilege or a necessity?”EAN 21st Annual Conference University of Zagreb, Croatia, June 2012
Marr, L. Flexible Learning: A Path to Widening Participation Keynote address at Widening Access and Improving Participation in Higher Education Inside Government conference London, 15th March 2012
Marr. L and Streater K., (2012) Growing your own graduates: opportunities and challenges for flexible higher education in the new funding environment. At Higher education for the social good? The place of lifelong learning, UALL Annual Conference, University of Cambridge March 2012
Marr, L and Huggins, R., (2011) Bringing back the classroom: the experience of international students in the neo-liberal university at Changing Practice – Changing Times, Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, Nottingham, 2011

Marr. L and Forsyth, R. 2011 What do you really need to know? The importance of the third space in developing institutional CPD frameworks. at Changing Practice – Changing Times, Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, Nottingham, 2011
Marr, L. (2011) Grow Your Own Graduate: A new approach to higher level learning for apprentices Keynote address at Apprenticeships and Higher Education - A New Economy Built with the Skills for the Future.  Inside Government Conference, London May
Marr, L. (2011) Widening Participation - The Open University- part time learning and apprentices; keynote address at Apprentices and Progression AHGM Workbased learning conference  Bolton, May

With Moissidis, S. Schwartz, J., Repo, S. and Remdisch,S. (2011) Access and success – European models for lifelong learning at The Challenge of Access, Retention and Drop-out in HE in Europe: the experiences of non-traditional students Conference, University  of Seville, April 2011

With Moissidis, S. and Harvey, M  (2011) Opening up Universities: a comparative research study for modelling open university perspectives in Germany, Finland, Denmark and the United Kingdom At  Part Time: the new paradigm for higher education? (UALL Annula Conference Striling March 2011

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Marr, L, Huggins, R. Woodman, D. (2009)’ Gravesend is a Sikh and Christian community’: Engagement, voice and participatory learning in the social sciences at Roles, Rights and Responsibilities: Negotiating Relationships C-SAP Annual Conference Birmingham November 2009

Marr, L. Ten Years After. Keynote address at ‘Policy formulation/policy implementation – lessons from research’. ARN Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University July 2008

Marr, L. I may be poor, but I’m not thick: Using evaluation to challenge a deficit model of widening participation in HEIs at  Exploring Learning Trajectories conference  WPRC, Edge Hill University May 2008

Marr, L.  Those Mogadon Moments: Why UK HE has to change. Keynote address at Learning and Teaching Conference, Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University January 2008

Beer, J. and Marr, L. Re-Imagining the Student Experience: UK Higher Education in the 21st Century, Keynote address at ‘Engaging Students in Higher Education’ Higher Education Academy Annual conference July 2007, Harrogate

Marr, L. Policy, Context and practice: the social shaping of students. Paper given at ’Challenge and Change in the Higher Education Learning Environment: Process and Practice’ University of Ulster Sept 2006