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TIDE - Transformation by Innovation in Distance Education


Using environmental science disciplines to catalyse reform in distance education

Status: Current

Mother and son

Transformation by Innovation in Distance Education (TIDE) aims to improve the quality of higher education in Myanmar at a critical time in the country’s development. 

There is now an increasing demand for skilled graduates to meet new employment needs, particularly in relation to the environmental management of Myanmar’s natural resources to ensure sustainability over years of rapid development.

TIDE brings together universities in the UK and Myanmar to improve the quality of distance learning to result in more employable graduates. The partnership will innovate and strengthen the quality of the distance education system at institutional levels and in the design and delivery of learning, focusing on environmental science disciplines and making use of the rapidly emerging ICT infrastructure.

The TIDE project, funded by the UK Government, is implemented by the Open University (lead) with the University of Yangon, Yangon University of Distance Education, Yadanabon University, Irrawaddy Policy Exchange, University of Oxford and University of Manchester.

TIDE will develop:

  • a competency framework and curriculum for Education for Environment and Sustainable Development, and related content produced in collaboration with employers and the private sector
  • teaching approaches, media production skills, and ICT and library support capacity for higher education courses, delivered through distance education
  • academic knowledge in Environmental Science subject areas
  • plans for the institutional framework for open and distance education

TIDE will also build strategy and leadership for the future of higher education in Myanmar, acting as a catalyst for further improvements in the sector by providing a practical example of how quality and relevance can be improved.

TIDE Code of Conduct: Self Study through Virtual Learning Environmentst - Your safety is our top priority. TIDE has introduced a Code of Conduct that sets out the behaviours everyone should follow to ensure that a safe and secure virtual learning environment is provided. Please follow this Code alongside any health and safety information provided by relevant authorities or institutions.

TIDE Publications

The reports linked below have been produced as a result of workshops and consultations with Myanmar Stakeholders. The TIDE Scoping report reviews options for strengthening the distance education system, and concludes with a recommendation to establish a Myanmar National Open University. The TIDE Digital Strategy report sets out six strategic objectives for strengthening ICT infrastructure and use of digital systems and tools to strengthen distance education, whilst also highlighting the needs to develop digital capabilities among staff and students. Both reports are designed to inform high level decisions makers and be valuable inputs for policy related discussions.   They are available in both English and Myanmar language, and executive summary versions are also provided.