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OpenLearn Create

OpenLearn Create is an innovative leading open educational platform where individuals and organisations can publish their open content, open courses and resources.

It is a Moodle platform (open software for e-learning) and has tools for collaboration, reuse and remixing. OpenLearn Create is part of OpenLearn where the OU hosts specially designed OU open content.  It can host your open courses and resources for learners to use.  It supports Open Badges. 

The platform is free to use, however there is a cost for projects which require support.  Benefits offered by OpenLearn Create include:

  • Personalisation of material
  • low barrier to collaborative development of learning materials
  • a space to experiment with new technologies and ways of working
  • community building around OER
  • a home for research projects that trial new educational technologies and practice
  • a lower cost solution for projects wanting to deliver OER

OpenLearn Create can cater for the following groups:

  1. Projects and individuals who need a home for their OER/courses and require access to robust analytical reporting on an open platform
  2. OU supported projects with the same features as above, but chosen by the OU for support as aligned to the University's core mission and goals
  3. Individuals who are looking for OER, who may wish to remix, create and reuse them
  4. Individuals looking for OER 'meta support' e.g. How to ... and Best practice in OER

The site was previously known as OpenLearn Works, but has recently been re-developed, changing its name in January 2017 to OpenLearn Create. 

The platform hosts several projects and courses, such as:

Further developments for the platform include clearer guidance on how to create open educational resources (OER) and upload it to the site, alternative formats, making it mobile friendly, improved user profiles and other improvements which support communities and organisations make the most of OER.