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The Mathematics and Statistics Community of Learners

Project leader(s): 
Rachel Hilliam

The project aims to evaluate both how students use the Mathematics and Statistics Study site and the value which students place on existing community events. The current Mathematics and Statistics Advice forum on this site provides an online M&S learning community which is regularly used (and has been for many years in previous incarnations). Over the years several online and face to face community events have been provided by M&S such as careers fairs and course choice events which have helped to provide a learning community. In addition, the advice forum provides a dynamic space in which to point students to relevant parts of the Study site which support their student journey. The current site has been running since September 2017 and an evaluation of the resources and usage is needed. This project provides an opportunity to holistically review the overall student experience provided by events and online resources; and evaluate where the School should focus its resources to provide a vibrant learning community. Many institutions are struggling with issues surrounding learning communities and student voice. This project will not only supply much needed information to the School and indeed feed into one of the University’s strategic objectives, but will also contribute to the sparse literature in this area for the sector. 

Hilliam, R. (2019) Project poster (PDF)