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#PartTimeMatters image showing blackboard and speakersPart-time Matters

The Open University has been increasing access to education for over four decades, enabling people from all walks of life to fulfil their potential. But part-time education – the kind that the OU is an expert in – is facing severe challenges, particularly in England.

Last year, there were almost 370,000 people studying for an undergraduate degree on a part-time basis in the UK. Five years ago, there were more than 580,000. That’s a decline of 37 per cent in just five years and 200,000 life-changing opportunities that have been lost.

Vice-Chancellor Peter Horrocks is calling for your support. He says: "Part-time higher education works – and you are the proof. That’s why I am asking you, one of our hundreds of thousands of alumni, to join the whole OU community and help fight for part-time education. You all know how valuable it is. Tell friends, family and anyone of influence about the frightening fall in part-time numbers and create an imperative to tackle the problem. With your support, The Open University can continue to transform the lives of people across the world through quality part-time higher education, and in the process, contribute to societal value and economic growth."

How you can help...

Let us know why part-time education is so important to you: share your story with us or email a comment stating why studying part-time matters.

Share your comments on social media by posting "Part-time education matters to me because................................" #PartTimeMatters via Twitter or Facebook.


Life-changing Learning

The OU’s Life-changing learning campaign launched with a TV advert in March, following four students on their journey towards ‘destination graduation’.

The campaign highlights the impact OU study has on a student’s life beyond academic achievement, honing time management skills, boosting self-confidence and gently pushing people into the direction they’ve always wanted to go, but didn’t realise it was possible. Follow #OU_LCL on Twitter to find out more.