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Welcome to CRSN

The Classical Reception Studies Network (CRSN) aims to facilitate the exchange of information and to encourage collaboration in the field of classical reception studies by bringing together departments and individuals from across the world. Classical Reception Studies is the inquiry into how and why the texts, images and material cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome have been received, adapted, refigured, used and abused in later times and often other places.

For more information on the Network and its history, please go to the Network page which explains who we are and what we do.  The Events section lists current and future Classical Reception conferences, seminars, workshops and performances.

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Introduction to CRSN

This short video introduces Classical Reception. Duration 10 minutes.

Classical Reception for Schoolteachers

In May 2012 Stephen Harrison gave a talk at an OCR conference for sixth-form teachers of Classics
at the British Museum entitled ‘ Living Epic: new readings of the classics from contemporary English
poetic interpretations’, which discussed some recent versions of classical epic in poetry in English
(by e.g. Christopher Logue, Alice Oswald, Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes) and what they might offer
to a school audience as interpretations of the classical originals.  Audio file, duration 42.43 mins.