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Special Issue of CRJ - the Legacy of the Roman Republican Senate

The latest issue of the Classical Receptions Journal looks at the enduring legacy of the Roman Republican Senate. This special issue has been guest-edited by Professor Catherine Steel of Glasgow University. Abstracts for all the articles (listed below) can be found on the CRJ website.

Catherine Steel
Introduction: The Legacy of the Republican Roman Senate

Matthew Roller
The Difference an Emperor makes: Notes on the reception of the Republican Senate in the Imperial age

Massimiliano Vitiello
Blaming the late republic: senatorial ideology and republican institutions in late antiquity

Beatrice da Vela and Benjamin Earley
Senatus and Sénat: the reception of the Roman Senate during the Radical Stage of the French Revolution (1792–4)

Mikolaj Getka-Kenig
The ancient Roman tradition and the Polish idea of the senate in the Age of Enlightened Classicism, 1764–1831

Nicholas P. Cole
American bicameralism and the legacy of the Roman Senate
Classical Receptions Journal (2015) 7 (1): 79-96

Sandra M. Gustafson
Henry Adams, political reform, and the legacy of the Republican Roman Senate

Barbara Lawatsch Melton
Constructing Roman Senators in Imperial Germany
Classical Receptions Journal (2015) 7 (1): 113-128

Dean Hammer
Authoring within history: the legacy of Roman politics in Hannah Arendt