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Literature and Music in the Study of Culture

A day conference organised by the Musics and Cultures Research Group of The Open University 

Worcester College, Oxford, 11 May 2002

Session 1: Case studies Chair: Delia da Sousa Correa

'Have fair fallen': Hopkins, Purcell and Socio-religious Stress. 
Robert Fraser The Open University

The Poet, The Pianist, and the Patron: Hans Christian Andersen and Franz Liszt in Carl Alexander's Weimar 
Anna Harwell Celenza Michigan State University

Music in D.G. Rossetti's The House of Life sonnet sequence 
Phyllis Weliver Wilkes University

Myth and Mysticism in Jolivet: Musical 'Magic Realism'? 
Caroline Rae Cardiff University

The Realist Symphony 
Robert Samuels The Open University

Session 2: Cultural Politics Chair: Martin Clayton

Beat Generation / Rock Generation: Observations on a cultural continuum 
Simon Warner University of Leeds

What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? On the Uses and Abuses of Frank Zappa's Degenerate Art 
Michel Delville University of Liège

Fennimore and the Treasure of the Lake: Der Silbersee as a Trope on Karl May, Heine and Shakespeare 
Preeta Samarasan Eastman School of Music

John Gay's Twentieth Century: The Beggar's Opera revisited 
Charles Mundye University of Hull

Session 3: Theoretical Perspectives Chair: Robert Samuels

Music as Metaphor 
Jeremy Barham Trinity College of Music

… glitch … : Literary and Musical Models of Productive Failure. 
Greg Hainge University of Adelaide

Music and the body in the writings of Barthes 
Peter Dayan University of Edinburgh

Closing discussion

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