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Issue 1 (2007)

Montage of images from the reading of Alexandros, Palamedes and Trojan Women

Editor’s Introduction

In this first issue the focus is on Greek drama (future issues will consider other areas of practice). The theatre director Dorinda Hulton discusses how she worked with the cast to address questions of character in the creation of Foursight Theatre's 2004 production of Aeschylus' Agamemnon. Jane Montgomery (now Montgomery Griffiths) contributes an interview reflecting on her work as director of the 2001 Cambridge Greek play production of Electra. David Stuttard describes his aims and experiences in reconstructing Euripides' Trojan Trilogy and making a new work, while in a complementary essay David Fitzpatrick approaches the question of reconstructing plays from fragments from the perspective of his work as part of a team working on a new edition of Sophoclean fragments.

We hope that the Forum will also lead to further dialogue between creative practitioners and critics and academics (who are after all also practitioners).

We are extremely grateful not only to the contributors but also to the International Advisory Board for New Voices and Practitioners' Voices for its role in developing these new ventures.

Lorna Hardwick, November 2007