Based at the Centre for Research in Computing of The Open University, UK, the Animal-Computer Interaction Lab has been established to pursue the research aims and agenda outlined in the Animal-Computer Interaction Manifesto [Mancini, 2011, Interactions, 18(4), pp. 69–73], through a range of collaborative projects with partners from academia, industry and non-governmental organisations.

· Dr Clara Mancini, Lecturer in Computing, Head of the ACI Lab
· Dr Janet van der Linden, Senior Lecturer in Pervasive Computing
· Prof Gerd Kortuem, Professor of Ubiquitous Computing
· Dr Neil Smith, Lecturer in Software Engineering
· Prof Helen Sharp, Professor of Software Engineering
· Ms Charlotte Robinson, full-time PhD student in ACI
· Ms Fiona French, part-time PhD student in ACI
· Dr Judith Pillinger, visiting Research Fellow in ACI

· Smart kennels to improve the welfare of kennelled dogs, in collaboration with the University of Lincoln and DogsTrust (Clara Mancini, PI, Daniel Mills, Co-I at Lincoln, Gerd Kortuem, Co-I, Janet van der Linden, Co-I).
· Biosensing harness to monitor the welfare of working and companion dogs, in collaboration with Retrieva Ltd (Clara Mancini, PI).
· Wearable systems to support medical alert dogs, in collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs (PhD project by Charlotte Robinson, supervised by Clara Mancini and Janet van der Linden)
· Playful interactions for elephants and visitors in safari parks, in collaboration with Woburn Safari Park (PhD project by Fiona French, supervised by Clara Mancini, Neil Smith and Helen Sharp).
· Canine interfaces to support expression of discrimination by cancer detection dogs, in collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs (Clara Mancini, PI)
· Plug-on canine interfaces for domestic appliances to support assistance dogs, in collaboration with Dogs for the Disabled (Clara Mancini, PI)

Contact person Dr Clara Mancini:

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