Animal-Computer Interaction SIG at CHI’12

This year, the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’12) is hosting a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting on Animal-Computer Interaction. The event is organised by Clara Mancini (The Open University), Shaun Lawson (University of Lincoln), Janet van der Linden (The Open University), Jonna Häkkilä (Nokia Research Center), Frank Noz (, Chadwick Wingrave (University of Central Florida) and Oskar Juhlin (Stockholm University).

Place and time: the meeting takes place at the Austin Convention Centre, Austin, Texas, USA, on the 10th of May 2012, at 14:30.

Abstract: User-computer interaction research is demonstrating growing interest in the relation between animals and technology (e.g., computer-mediated interspecies interactions and animal-computer interfaces). However, as a research area, this topic is still underexplored and fragmented, and researchers lack opportunities to exchange ideas, identify resources, form collaborations and co-operatively develop a coherent research agenda. The Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) SIG meeting aims to provide such an opportunity, promoting the development of ACI as a distinct area of research which is relevant to both animals and humans.

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Although animals have been involved in machine interactions for a long time, their perspective has seldom driven the design of interactive technology intended for them and animal-computer interaction is yet to enter mainstream user-computer interaction research. ACI aims to fill this gap and, in so doing, expand the boundaries of user-computer interaction research.

An ACI Manifesto is published in ACM Interactions, 18(4), 2011. This blog presents extracts regarding the scientific aims, methodological approach, ethical principles and research agenda described in the Manifesto.

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