Attitudes of voluntary sector trainers to Open Educational Resources

In July 2011 an online survey was used to collect information about Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) trainers’ awareness of, attitudes towards and existing use of Open Educational Resources (OERs).
The survey was completed by 101 VCS trainers and training managers and the findings indicated a high level of interest in the potential benefits of OERs for the voluntary sector, with many trainers suggesting that they would consider using them if dedicated training or mentoring is made available and if using OERs extends the range of subjects that they can deliver.

VCS trainers were particularly interested in the potential of OERs to overcome geographical obstacles (seen as beneficial by 85% of respondents) and in allowing individuals to study at their own pace, at minimal cost, as and when they need to learn about a particular subject.

A two-page summary of the survey findings is available here.

Thanks again to all of you who took part in the survey.

About Tony

Tony is a regional academic at the Open University in the South West and a Fellow of the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education.
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