New OU Open Educational Resources hub website

The Open University is pleased to announce a new website which pulls together information about all the Open Educational Resources (OER) projects at the OU.  Many OU OER projects have websites already, and some projects have been completed, however up until now there has never been an overarching website providing a portal to all these OER riches.  With projects which research, explore and champion the cause for OER such as the ground breaking OpenLearn, Bridge to Success, TESSA, HEAT and OLnet amongst many others present on the website, and the University’s huge contribution to YouTube Edu and iTunesU to celebrate, there is plenty to discover about OER on the Open Educational Resources at The Open University website.

OU Open Educational Resources website

OU Open Educational Resources website

The website was built and will be maintained by staff in the Institute of Educational Technology, with big contributions from the OU Library, Learning and Teaching Solutions and the Open Media Unit. 

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2 Responses to New OU Open Educational Resources hub website

  1. It’s fantastic that these resources have been made available online. It’s not only a great achievement by the OU and all of the researchers involved in the OER projects but also a fantastic new resource for OU and general internet users . Thanks.

  2. The Open Education Evidence Hub aims to provide an environment to systematically explore and research the Open Education movement on what are the people, projects, organizations, challenges, solutions and claims that scaffold it.

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