Location based learning

A recent IET Technology Coffee morning showcased the work of academic Elizabeth FitzGerald:

You can read the abstract for this IET Technology Coffee morning at http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloudscape/view/2350

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xDelia project update

Gill Clough, Mark Gaved and Gareth Davies gave a fascinating and interactive update on the work of the xDelia project at an IET Technology Coffee morning during September.

The xDelia project is exploring the use of serious games linked to physiological sensors to detect and address the impact of people’s behaviours, habits and emotional states when they make financial decisions. The aim of the project is to develop learning interventions that will improve financial decision making of our target group, private traders, by enabling them to regulate their emotions so that they make better trading decisions.

For more information see http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloudscape/view/2269

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New Learning and Teaching Guide – Learning Design

Learning Design L&T guide

Learning Design L&T guide

Grainne Conole and Rebecca Galley have written a new addition to the Learning & Teaching Guide series for OU staff.  This guide explains all about Learning Design and introduces some of the tools, resources and activities that have been created to support the design process.

The new Learning Design guide is on the Educational Professional Development site in PDF format and is also available as a hardcopy booklet which can be obtained via the EPD mailbox iet-epd@open.ac.uk

6 Learning & Teaching Guides

6 Learning & Teaching Guides

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IET White papers

IET has published two White Papers:

Learning Analytics http://kn.open.ac.uk/document.cfm?docid=13513 (by Professor Martin Weller)

Open Design http://kn.open.ac.uk/document.cfm?docid=13514 (by Professor Grainne Conole)

A third IET White Paper will be published soon:

Open Educational Resources (by Dr Patrick McAndrew)

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Out There In Here video

This short video illustrates the cool use of technology to enhance the learning experience of students on a geology field trip. The ‘Out There and In Here’ project explores the possibilities for new technologies to support distributed, synchronous collaborations between students in the field and others based in a stationary location.


The project team are developing and evaluating systems to link students using mobile computing devices in the field, connecting via mobile phones or satellite data networks, to students and associate lecturers in a ‘mission control’ style classroom which also uses new technologies such as an interactive table-top and projected displays to support access to a range of resources as well as data review, hypotheses development and reports.

Recent Discovery trials at Mill Road Cemetery in Cambridge used the latest version of the OTIH system.

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Get Cloudengine – Cloudworks open-sourced

Dr Nick Freear explained Cloudengine at an IET Technology Coffee morning recently.

Cloudworks nine months on – Cloudengine: What it is, what it does, the reasoning behind going open-source and how you can get involved.


Recorded on 20th July 2011

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OLnet update at IET Technology Coffee morning

OLnet update by Patrick McAndrew

Open Educational Resources (OER) are an important indicator for the future direction of education and learning systems. Work on producing the resources themselves has now led to greater focus on the way in which they can influence policy and change the way in which educational systems help people learn.


The Open University UK and Carnegie Mellon University are now working in partnership on the OLnet (Open Learning Network), which is a three-year project, funded from March 2009 to February 2012 by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. OLnet aims to search out the evidence for use and reuse of Open Education Resources and to establish a network for information sharing about research in the field. This means gathering evidence and developing methods for how to research and understand ways to learn in a more open world, particularly linked to OER, but also looking at other influences.

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Refreshing Assessment presentation 3 – podcast

From ‘Trivial Pursuit’ to ‘Serious e-Assessment’ – Authoring and maintaining quality questions for e-assessment

Professor Don Mackenzie, Professional e-Assessment Services


Recorded on 29th June at The Open University

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Refreshing Assessment presentation 2 – podcast

An introduction to test psychometrics

Lester Gilbert, University of Southampton

Understanding how to make interactive computer marked assessment questions more reliable and valid.


Recorded 20th June at The Open University

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Refreshing Assessment presentation 1 – podcast

Exploring eAssessment Design

Dr Helen Ashton, Heriot-Watt University

Understanding how to design eAssessment questions is key to supporting staff and students during their learning. Used formatively, the right questions can provide confidence to students, highlight areas of strength and weakness to both staff and students, and allow staff to provide appropriate support.


Recorded 15th June at The Open University

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