A new year of K802 is about to begin…

Registration for the October 2011 presentation of the Open University Masters module Critical Practice with Children and Young People (K802) has now closed.

The K802 module website is now live, so if you’ve registered for the module, you’ll be able to log in via your OU ‘StudentHome’ page. That’s now the place to get updates and join in K802-related discussions – the site even has its own blog, exclusively for K802 students and tutors.

The K802 year starts officially at the end of this week – on 1st October. So if you’re a new student, about to start your studies on the module – good luck, and we look forward to meeting you over at the K802 site!

All of this means there’ll be rather less activity on this (public) blog in the next few months. We’ll be back with news, views and updates, later in the year.

About Martin Robb

K802 Module Team Chair Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health & Social Care, The Open University
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