Lots of online busyness

Against a background of family chaos I’ve been really busy- and most of the products I’ve been working on – with colleagues – are now online.

First a belated link to an interactive website for International Women’s day. The Real Wonder Women.  This was produced – like most things- with the help of friends and colleagues. The biggest challange was make the original choice of 60 women to represent the most influential women in all fields of human culture in the last 100 years. Any list if both personal and geographically biased. I am sure there are UK women in the list who are unknown in other countries and important women who we just did not know about. As we worked on the list it became clear that there were also generational differences. For example which of the Hepburn’s would you include:



Your choice is – I suspect – a reflection of your age.

The second link is to a Gender and STEM research seminar held at the Open University on 15th March. One of the speakers Dorothy Gordon spoke through a video link with Africa. The other Maureen McNeil, was in the flesh. You can now watch an edited version of one or both speakers at


Like many of these kinds of recordings you might want to fast forward some of the early introductory chat and coffee cup clanking. Clem Herman is chairing the seminar- I am hiding just left of the camera’s field of view – but I will still give you a wave when you log in.

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I have worked most of my life as an academic engaged in a combination of teaching, research and scholarship. A strong theme over the years has been a critical engagement with the gendering of technologies and the technologies of gender and identity. This blog is a place where I can reflect on all of these - sometimes in a scholarly way -but not always.
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